How to view documents and folders in the binder

Just started using Scrivener vers 3 for Windows. Seemed okay. Not quite as good as version one, but most of that is probably a learning issue.

Tried to upload a screenshot of my problem, but not sure it worked.

The issue is I am now unable to view any documents or folders in the binder. I’ve got one document open that I’m editing, but all my others (80 plus) are gone. When I view the binder, it’s empty. Can’t even see the Trash folder.

I know that my documents exist, because if I go to compile, they are all listed.

How do I get them back in my view?


Never mind. Seems to have fixed itself. Closed the application. Opened it on my Mac just to make sure it was working on that platform. Looked fine. Closed it on the Mac and opened it on the Windows machine. And the docs all back in place (or in view).

I’m using dropbox between the two, but not sure why that would have changed my binder view.

Here’s what it looked like on the Mac, and now the Windows version appears similar.

I used the Windows vers 1 for 8 years (many hundreds of hours and 3 published books plus two new (and massive) unpublished drafts). Just started using version 3 for both Win and Mac. Win application is a bit of a letdown. It’s good, don’t get me wrong. I’d gladly use it if that’s all I had. But I’ll be using my Mac version a lot more if at all possible.


Next time just click the magnifying glass icon twice to get out of search results.

Actually you were looking at a collection/search collection results there is an x button and close search see the binder view again.
Restores binder view

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Thanks for that info, guys. Was pretty sure it was user error : )

That will help me out next time it happens.