How to view external bookmarks made on Scrivener Mac on Scrivener ios?

I am not able to see document bookmarks (external bookmarks that are url links) that I created on Scrivener for Mac on Scrivener for iPad. Am I missing something or are those links not accessible on the iPad? I don’t seem to be able to find the answer either on the IOS guide or by search topics on the forum. I would appreciate any help! Thanks.

If the link you have created is to a file or folder on the hard drive of the Mac, then obviously it will not be available on the iOS device because … well, it is on the Mac hard drive and not on the iOS device. So there is nothing to link to. Obviously, when you sync a project, you do not sync the whole of your computer hard drive to the iOS device. And of course the folder structure on the Mac is not replicated on the iOS device in any case. These limitations are one of the reasons why I use DEVONthink and Bookends to store all my research material.

I don’t really understand why it wouldn’t be useful to see web bookmarks on iOS?

The OP wasn’t talking about web bookmarks.

Actually, I am thinking about web links i.e bookmarks that consist of URLs. It would be really useful to be able to see those on the IOS version.

So it’s true we can’t see those on the IOS version as of now? I would like to add that to the list of requested features then!

Thanks for the replies. Other helpful feedback will be appreciated as well!

Sorry, I was misled by the word “document”, but I see what you mean now.

I get round such limitations by having a “links” page in a project on which I put the links / URLs that I want to use. A long click on the link on the page in iOS will launch the web page.

Alternatively you could have a kind of footer area on a page where you put links, which could be deleted when they are no longer needed. I often have a “junk” or “jottings” area for stuff I am not sure about. I find it doesn’t really get in the way.

I agree it would be great if web urls saved in the Document Bookmarks section on the Mac version were accessible in the iOS version.

My current work around is to also paste the url in the Notes section while working on the Mac (the icon to the left of the bookmarks icon, which also includes synopsis). The Notes section is accessible on the iOS version, so you can do a long press on the url there and it will open in your browser. This works for me as I don’t frequently use the notes section for other “notes.”