How to view Statuses

I have a project with 153 documents. I’ve assigned a status to each so I know where I’m going. One of the statuses is “Need research” How do I find all those documents that have that status and isolate them so I can work on them exclusively? Without being distracted by the others?


  1. Edit > Find > Search in Project (a search bar will open directly above the binder)

  2. Click the magnifying glass to the left of the search bar and select: Search in > Status

  3. Search for: Need Research

  4. Search Results will display all the documents with that status

  5. To save the search results as a collection, choose: Documents > Add to Collection > New Collection… and give the collection a suitable name, such as Need Research

  6. Your Binder will now show tabs at the top, including the Need Research tab. Just click on this whenever you want to see those documents that have the Need Research status applied to them

You can also filter by status in the outliner. See the following section in the user manual: 11.4.2 Filtering by Compile Status

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