How to visualize compile status in document mode?

When I write, I produce a lot of snippets which don’t end up being part of the draft and I usually cut them off with Ctrl + K so that they are in a separate document right underneath the one where they were originally created. And, of course, I uncheck “Include in compile” for those snippets. That way, I can keep those snippets near where they were created, which makes it easier to find them later, for example when I change my mind and want to include some of them anyway.

However, when I scroll through a larger part of the document in scrivenings mode, those snippets are included just the same (despite being excluded from compile) and I am fine with that. But it would help if those scrivenings that are not included in compile could be distinguished visually from those that are included? (It is not always evident contentwise, what is included and what is excluded. Also, a visual marker (e.g. a different background colour) would provide a way of double checking that everything that should be excluded from compile actually has been excluded (while reading through the text in scrivenings mode).

Is there any way to achieve this? If not: please consider implementing it.

In a very similar fashion, it could be useful to display the status of each scrivening in document mode. I suppose a small text marker in the top right hand corner, just under the dotted line would do…

Scrivener v3 shows Label and Status at the bottom of the inspector, no matter which pane of the inspector you’re viewing.

For keeping snippets that you’ve cut from your documents, there are a few alternatives to the way you’re storing them, if you want to explore them.

  • If you’re not using the Notes field, then you can cut and paste from the main document there.
  • You could also create an internal link in the References pane of the Inspector to the section you split off from it, then move that split document to a folder outside of the draft. These reference links will be converted into “document bookmarks” in v3, and the contents of those linked documents will load into the inspector, where they can be viewed and even edited.
  • Take a snapshot of your document, and then just delete the section you no longer want. This keeps that text out of the main editors and from the results of compiling while allowing you to restore the original, or copy and paste portions of it back to the main document. Once again, version 3 will improve the usefulness of this feature by giving you a better view of the differences between the contents of your snapshots and what’s in the editor (or between two snapshots, for that matter), but this is still viable for large changes that you can spot visually in version 1.