How to write a book in three days

This has successful HBO mini-series written all over it.

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Herr S.
Actually, the miscreanti of the lower decks (at least those determined to resist the demands that responsible adulthood places upon them), may not number 50. However, 'tis an intriguing idea and 'twould be a shame were it left to wither on the vine and die.

P’rhaps a period of Re-planning/Promotion/Recruitment, may yield surprising dividends, thereby allowing the fruit to grow and flourish, providing us with…who knows, Herr S… a classic Romanée-Conti vintage? Just a thought Herr S
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I did this once with 15 participants of a creative writing course: 44 hours from the moment we arrived, sleeping (not very much) and eating included. We plotted and wrote a novel of 315 pages in three days. Was a lot of fun. :laughing:

Wise words as ever, Fluff. Perhaps the L&L staff might wish to organise something to coincide with the formal release of the Windows verison.

Alas, I fear the following exchange 20 years down the line may no longer be a realistic dream…

HERR S.: “I once wrote a novel in collaboration with Michael Bywater, you know.”
NEPHEW: “What’s a novel?”

Count me in. One section only please. The time zone is going to be murder on me.
As to Narnia being written in weekend bursts, I imagine this scenario.

C.S Lewis: “How marvelous a whole book in a weekend. I simply cannot wait to show it to J.R.R and the other Inklings. That will wipe the smug off their faces.”
J.R.R Tolkien: “You did what! Let me see that, have no fear, I’ll give it a proper read. “
Humphrey Harvard: “A proper rogering you mean”
J.R.R Tolkien: “Being crude does not help elevate your status with anyone. However I expect you are close to the truth.”
At the next meeting of the Inklings.
C.S. Lewis: “Well Tollers since you have not spoken to me since I offered my book. I already know you disapprove.”
J.R.R Tolkien: “Really Jack, Father Christmas and a witch and a talking beaver. If this hodge-podge is ever to amount to anything, you are going to have to roll up your sleeves. Start pruning this overgrown hedge. ”

It could have happened that way. Book in a day; naturally I want to participate.

Thanks! Pigfender will probably pick this up, but for future folks, I’m going to insert a redirect in here for anyone who wants to participate in the novel in a day project, visit this thread:

What are we calling it, The Talking Donkey, The Hag, and the Dresser?

I’ll join in!

To make sure you are part, make sure your post appears on the thread Ioa (a.k.a AmberV) points to …


Thanks Mark!

MARIAMINO, I’ll add you to the list on the other topic.

Count me in. :slight_smile: