How was this Scrivener photo made?

The screen shots are like pages in a funny book. How were they turned? I have Photoshop CS3 but have no idea what that is called and how to do it properly.

Any info would be great as this is perplexing to me. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you’re asking - are you asking how to screenshot a window? Or is it more the layout of the scrivener elements?

how the screenshots were turned (perspective).

no, you’ve lost me. I see 3 flat jpgs on that page. No strange angles or perspective, and no turning pages or animation.

The ones on are indeed at an angle - and very pretty they are, too. But I couldn’t begin to guess how Keith did it. I’m afraid I don’t/can’t do graphics.

I am not sure what method Keith used, but the easiest most free-form way of doing this is to simply select the screen-shot layer (make sure it isn’t “Background”), and press Cmd-T to enter transform mode. This lets you rotate and resize an element interactively. Now hold down the Cmd key and move the mouse over to one of the corner handles and click and drag. You should see perspective style translations happening immediately. To get a good “flat table” effect, you’ll have to move two corner handles inward and keep them vertically aligned, but you can have screen-shots flying around at all angles and exaggerated focal length effect if you wish.

If you’re on about the three angled screenshots with a reflection, what I did was this (in Photoshop):

For each screenshot I duplicated it, flipped it horizontally and lined the upside down image up with the bottom of the regular image. I used a gradient (white to transparent) over the bottom image to have it fade out to get the reflection effect, and turned down the alpha a little to fade it out. Then I selected both layers and used Skew (Perspective would be better but it applies to both layers, when you want to change both layers at the same time with the top image being more symmetrical, so that’s why I used skew). That gets the angular effect. Finally I applied a drop shadow (90 degrees, distance of 1) to each of the images at the top… That’s roughly it, anyway.

If you mean the book image, where a screenshot has been placed over the pages of a book… Well, I got the image of a book from iStockPhoto and brought that into Photoshop with a screenshot.I cut up the screenshot into two halves, one for each page, and then used the Transform > Warp tool to painstakingly match it up with the curves of the pages of the book. I also had to apply some shading here and there, but I can’t quite remember how I did that now…

I hasten to add that I am no Photoshop expert, so there are probably much better ways of doing all of the above.

Hope that helps.
All the best,

So when do you actually write code?

Not that I am complaining, but I barely have time to eat let alone do all the crap you are doing.

how much do you eat? :wink:

Umm… I don’t think I like where that question is heading.

Are you worried about destinational questions such as “have you been out of the house lately, or has the fork lift been busy?”

More worried that the two are possibly tied together. All I need is for the urban vulture and the 3 legged hyena to find more ammunition. Yes I eat too much but not as much as I used too.

For the record I have lost 65 pounds over 2 years. This is a point of pride for me. I set a simple goal like 10 pounds in 5 week then hold the result for 2 months before planning more loss. Some of it was easy to do, but it is getting harder. I have another 20 to go and I will be a happy camper.

For anyone who wants to lose some quick pounds, drink nothing but water. I cut out all soda first (30 pounds with out exercise) then the high fat coffee (another 15). Now that I am exercising a little I am drink them in moderation.

But who cares.

Psah, just have your stomach removed like I did, that’ll shed about 13kg in about 8 weeks. Piece of cake! Now, if only I could have a piece of cake…



I couldn’t do it. Terrified of doctors, let alone surgery. Plus I didn’t have the medical need for it. I was only 265lb (120k) and while I was not pleased with my health, weight was not the cause of most of my issues. Lack of physical activity (partially due to weight) was the bigger factor.

So I opted for a method that I knew I could do. It isn’t for everyone and it wasn’t quick, but I don’t have the fluctuations or even the cravings that many other folks who “diet” do. To help with that I have adopted a motto of “don’t eat healthy, just eat healthier”. So I still eat “too much” but it is “too much” of lettuce and other low cal stuff. I still eat lots of things I like (ice cream, steaks, breads, etc) I just try to be mindful of what I eat. I am slowly cutting back the portion size and upping the exercise this year to get the last 20 off. That will put me at 180 (81). Let’s see how it goes.

I did not do it for the weight-loss (I was pretty happy with my weight actually), it was unfortunately very much necessary in order to stay alive. Having gone through almost the same procedure as the weight-loss type, I can only say: it’s not an easy way out. It hurts, and you just can’t eat afterwards. You don’t loose weight in a healthy way, you literally starve (and trust me, you can still feel that without a stomach :frowning: ) I never knew how easy eating was, until after this surgery and I’ve had plenty of days full of frustration because I couldn’t eat that one lousy cracker.
It’s been 8 weeks and it got a lot better, but I still spend nearly all my time either eating, recovering from eating or planning to eat (oh, and I have to drink too). It will improve over time, but I do not recommend this to anyone.
I wonder if people who have gastric-bypass really know what they’re getting into, and if they still would if they knew. I read a lot about it before the surgery but nothing really prepared me for it. It makes me sad that people do this voluntarily, that people are so desperate…

I prefer your method, it seems like the sane one. You don’t gain (a lot of) weight overnight, usually takes years. So it doesn’t surprise me it takes an equal amount of time to go away.
Exercise is good (says the person who doesn’t). I commend you for your persistence and healthy attitude! Well done!


eeek, I feel awful making that quip! I had no idea. But Jaysen, it sounds like you’re really achieving with strength of will power and that is fantastic. Good luck with the last 20 pounds. Your motto is a sensible one. Slow weight loss is usually more permanent than fast shedding. And changing dietary habits gradually is setting you up for long term healthy eating.

Tannie, I really hope it gets better for you.

My father is slowly losing weight, after become very very heavy when he was pretty much chair-bound. They eventually found the problem (which was his heart chambers not beating in sync, and the pacemaker was hiding the problem) and now he’s trying to get back to exercising and healthy eating. His problem has been that after so much inactivity, he has little enerygy, and his weight hurts his back and knees. I am seeing him at the end of September, so I am wondering how he’s going to look.

HOw to lose weight in a few easy steps.

(1) Run everywhere. Don’t walk. Run. If you have to go upstairs you RUN upstairs. If you have to go to the mailbox RUN to the mailbox.

(2) Wear heavier clothes so that you not just comfortable but just a tad warm. (raise the thermostat) this will convince your body that you are in a warm climate and it will not direct fat to be stored as a method of retaining heat as often. Example look at a swimmer then look at a runner. The swimmer although athletic like the runner has a small layer of fat to keep “warm” in a colder climate (water temperature) where a runner’s body does not store fat due to the high temperatures of the body and instead focuses on keeping the body cool and preventing it from overheating. (look at people who live near the equator versus those that live much further North)

(3) Cut way down on your bread intake. 1 slice of buttered sandwich bread can put on as much weight as an 8 oz steak.

(4) Beware of “Fat Free” items. There are 4 building blocks that make up fat (ex. A B C D) a company only has to remove one of those for in order to claim something is “Fat Free”. Many times they may increase one of the other 3 in order to improve taste. So say Kraft reduces A but increases C and General Mills reduces B but increases C. After eating both you do have reductions in both A and B but you have extremely high levels of C. Reduced Fat products in many cases actually in the long run helps reduce weight more than using many “fat free” products.

(5) Skim Milk not 2% not reduced fat. Skim Milk.

(6) Drink a whole lot of water.

(7) Avoid alcohol except maybe a glass of red wine.

(8) Don’t eat past 7pm

(9) Don’t eat 3 big meals a day instead eat 5 small meals and lightly snack in between. This helps the body process food more efficiently where gorging leads the body to more storing.

(10) If you eat meat try mainly bird or fish and cut back on red meat. Also much smaller portions of meat and larger portions of vegetable and fruit in comparison.

But before you even consider dieting remember this one thing.

Fat People Are Hard To Kidnap.

So Jaysen if you are a little on the heavy side just think of it as a safety precaution in theft prevention.


Maybe this is why the Mrs keeps encouraging weight loss?

Then again nobody steals the Yugo, they all go for the hummer. Maybe smaller isn’t bad…

Funny? I had you down as a Trabant user … re=related

Yugo, trabant, mini (the old ones), citroen (the older older ones), vespa.

Aren’t they all the same really? you either love them or leave them for others to clean up.