How well does Scriv 2.5 run on old PPC macs?

Recently the bug has bitten me to set up a ‘writing computer’ using my old iBook G4 (1GHz) since I have that lying around doing nothing.

The old darling with letters rubbed off many keys is running osx 10.5 Leopard, the last version to run on PPC architecture. It runs fair slow nowadays, and I wonder whether, even though Scrivener 2.5 will technically run on PPC, I should stick to re-installing Scrivener 1.5.4 . . . maybe v.1.x demands on the RAM are lower and it would run better?

  • asotir

OK, to answer my old question (in case anybody else wants to try this), I went ahead and threw 2.5 on the old iBook. Seems to work like a charm.

You know software is good when it still works on 11-year old gear.

  • asotir

And you know the gear is good when it still works after 11 years. :smiley: