How Would I Accomplish This Formatting w/o "As Is"?

Let’s say that I want some of my scenes to be headed with a date and description. I’d like this to be in a bold, larger Arial font with the main text in Times Roman. I do not want to use the document title for this heading.

Can I do that, and still take advantage of the “Override text formatting” option?

Assuming you want to do this in the editor, instead of some part of the Compile window’s Formatting pane, then select the text, then go to Format->Formatting->Preserve Formatting.

It should result in a dash-outline around the text, and a blue-green highlight to the text that signifies that the formatting of that text will remain untouched by the compiler.

It should also be noted that “Preserve Formatting” is itself a type of formatting, like bold, and thus can be saved into a preset and applied all at once with the rest of your subheading look. But yes, this is exactly the type of situation this feature is designed for—block quotes, all of that kind of stuff.

I do prefer the compiler approach (via the Formatting pane) myself, with a more detailed outline as a result. For one, I like having a really detailed outline, but it’s also nice to be able to change my mind about the look of headings and just fix it in one spot. Anyone familiar with word processor stylesheets will appreciate that approach, even if the mechanics of usage are different.

Thanks, that’s perfect.