How would you write a "test script" ?

Hi, I am trying the trial version of Scrivener and am impressed by its document management capabilities. I have a project that will involve writing a large number of “test scriptsâ€

In answer to my own question.

I tried the three ways I thought of and decided on creating my own Scriptwriter collection of formats. The same document may be achieved using the “styles” on the ruler bar but the Scriptwriter collections may be saved and imported into new projects (I think) whereas the styles just “live” with my copy of Scrivener. The tables were a little odd with strange indents in some but not all cells.

I am still experimenting but I, like many others, am impressed by Scrivener.


Sorry you got no reply, Simon - I was hoping a user might be able to answer you better than me.

I think you’ve taken the right route, though. I would definitely recommend against tables, as Scrivener uses the OS X text system’s built-in tables (the same as appear in TextEdit), and they are, frankly, not very good. Fine for basic tables, but as soon as you try any complicated layout with them, they seem to break (the same as with bullet points).

I never use styles… The scriptwriting feature, I think, should work well with this - and yes, you can save it for use in other projects by using the pop-up button at the bottom of the Script Settings panel.

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Thanks for taking time to write. I write some small applications and I never fail to be amazed at the many ways users manage to either break my software or miss features that are staring them in the face.

As a long term MSWord user finding Scrivener is a breath of freash air: I use to enjoy using WordPerfect 4.2 as the styles were applied using codes that could be revealed and edited. I don’t think I have ever fully mastered styles that are fixed to paragraphs and I challenge anyone to explain how Words paragraph numbering is supposed to operate.

I like Scrivener because it obeys the KISS principle.

best wishes