How's it looking for beyond 2.7 ???

Hi Scrivener Team,

I know everybody is now after Scrivener for iOs - so am I - however, since there were just a few system related updates in the past two years, like adapting Scrivener to Mavericks and the following MacOs versions, I was wondering if your team is actively working on a new feature set - let’s call it Scrivener 3.0 - for MacOs. I’m asking because Scrivener has really become my main and central App to develop, create and produce eContent for the web. And as much as I know my iPad Pro will love the iOs version, I know my Mac would love to see a new version and feature set, too. How is that going?


What features are you looking for that Scrivener doesn’t already have?

Version 2.8 will include the ability to sync with the iOS version, and will likely be released concurrently.

Beyond that, the next major version is likely to include true “styles,” one of our most requested features. No, I can’t offer a schedule for the release of that version, except to say that it is in active development.


Do you mean like a new paid update with a UI refresh? And a full styles system? An overhauled Compile system? ePub 3.0 support? Writing history tracking? Enhanced custom meta-data? 64-bit support? Huge rewrites under the hood to keep it strong for the future? Enhanced outlining? That sort of thing? I can neither confirm nor deny. :slight_smile:

Hi Katherine,

Thank you much for your quick reply.
First, I want to say I am very happy with Scrivener, as it works now. It became my main tool for ePublishing and I do not want to miss it.
However, there is always something that can be improved or enhanced.
I would wish to have some basic text verification tools on board, like checks for “word-repeat” or a highlighting feature of specific word-families, for example “adjectives”, “conjunctions” or other stuff, which helps to get a view for the “style/quality” of the text written.
The interface already got a polishing, but somewhen it would be nice to have a more modern look, also an improved structure on the Settings (program and compiling). There are a lot of settings pretty hidden that I do value as important.
I would change “keywords” to “tags” and look for an improved management of those references inside Scrivener. It would be awesome to have a glossary function included that can be also compiled into an ebook. I also see the import/export for multi-markdown can be improved.
Since I am compiling a lot of different versions of a manuscript, holding a whole novel series (50 novels) in a project file, I do compile via collections only. I wish I could save a collection setting to reuse it later for a specific novel, that includes all - not only compile formats but also meta data entries. Those get lost if I save a compile template, switching to another novel to compile and call up the previous one again. The Meta-data is not saved, the formats are …

There are still quite a few things I have on my personal wish list - but my main question was, if your team keeps on developing or improving the mac version for the coming years.

Greetings and please keep up the great work,

Yessss !!! You made my day !!! :smiley: :smiley: This for sure I can confirm. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
And I can’t wait !!!

ARGH such a tease!!! I can’t wait till the iOS version is released, mostly because it means you focus back so this mythical beast will be next to rumble out of the forest :stuck_out_tongue:

The nice thing is that the iOS beta has been going smoothly, so I have had some time to focus on the next major Mac version - not too much left to do, in fact… (But it will still be a few months before we have news.)

Both my prehensile thumbs ascend in the vertical! I sadly couldn’t really do much beta testing in the iOS beta as I had VPN+dropbox sync problems (all my work needs to be done across machines), but the feedback has been fantastic (I’m a long term beta tester for several applications and the feedback has been some of the most enthusiastic I’ve ever seen, and the problems mostly minor).

I will wait patiently to break Scrivener 3 when it goes beta…

I’m not one for emoji but I we had something that crossed Smile with Ben Hur! Epic :smiley:

Please enable embedded audio and video clips in ePub 2 documents, aka “enhanced ePubs.”

Enhanced ePubs are supported by some e-reader apps, such as NOOK for iOS, that don’t support ePub 3.

I am working on a manuscript to which I would like to add audio and video clips for the electronic version.


Just curious - will there be any discounts on the new version for those who purchased 2.8 recently? I’m using the trial of Scrivener on Mac and loving it, but am a little hesitant about purchasing it now if there will be a major new paid version in several months.

Loving the app, keep up the good work!


There is no timeline for the release of Scrivener version 3.0. In the past, users who purchased within about 3 months of a major release have received the upgrade for free, and users of any previous version (regardless of purchase date) have received an upgrade discount.


Great, thanks for the reply Katherine! I think I’ll go ahead and buy it then once the trial expires - wasn’t sure how imminent 3.0 was. Thanks!