i have a issue also my HTML tab appears missing meaning i can’t include any links into my formatted e-book can anyone help is this a bug or am i just doing something wrong?

Please help!!!

The HTML options on ebook compile are not yet available in the Windows version. They will be coming in a future update, as will support for internal Scrivener links in ebook compile. If you need to customise the auto-generated table of contents for ebooks, I recommend the free epub editor Sigil. After you’ve made your changes and resaved the epub, you can simply open it in Amazon’s Kindle Previewer to create a mobi file if you need one.

Many thanks for the response, but i am converting to mobi ebook is there any alternatives for this?. I am very surprised that the HTML tab is not available in windows yet, as it defeats the object of compiling as to me the links are important for promoting future books.

Sorry, I misunderstood what you were after. External hyperlinks, such as to your other books’ pages on Amazon, can be compiled to ebook formats. This isn’t handled as part of the HTML settings in the compile tab; you’d add them as links directly to the document in the editor, using Edit > Link.... They’ll compile as working links to mobi or epub.