HTML links and word count

Hi: Excellent app; I discovered it via SF writer Tobias Buckell’s blog and am finding it to be very yay.

Question 1: I copied and pasted a chunk of a web page into a Scrivener document for reference. The links in the copy come in live. I don’t want them to be and I can’t find how to strip them (the live-ness of them, not the content). Can I? I looked in every menu, sub-menu, contextual menu, and in the Help file and this forum.

Q2: I have seen mention hereabouts of a word count function that actually takes into consideration the publishing tradition of five characters and a space. Where is that and could it become a preference setting?

Thanks in advance.


Question 1: You have two options. If you do not need the font choices the web page made, you can paste without formatting from the Edit menu (Cmd-Opt-Shift-V). If you want to retain formatting, that is a little more difficult. You can clear out a link, but only on a link by link basis. Right-click on the link, choose Edit Link from the contextual menu, and then click OK after making sure the link text is empty. That is probably a good one for the FAQ. The method for deleting a link is a bit opaque.

Links are built in to the OS X text system, so, in the words of Chaucer’s Miller, “blame nat me”.

Chaucer’s Miller said lots of hilariously nasty things, and I’m not trying to pin any of it on you. Actually, Amber’s answer was all I needed. Thanks again.