HTML Offline: Pictures not showing

Research and other auxiliary folders:

I save websites with Scrapbook in Firefox for offline use on production machine. While this plugin is the most capable of all the offline solutions I have tried so far, imported HTML files don’t show pictures at all, not even wiki pages which are fairly generic. Those even show correctly in all of my HTML viewers. This just has to be a Scrivener issue.

Working on WinXP 64 SP2.


I haven’t used Scrapbook in about a decade, could you share the process you are using to get the archived pages from Firefox to Scrivener, and what your import/export settings are? I’m unclear of how you can get a Scrapbook archived page into Scrivener in the first place. If you’re dragging the HTML file in from the data folder, that won’t work because that will convert it to either rich text or HTML, neither of which currently support images (that is something we’re looking to improve in the future).