HTML Question

Hi. I know there have been some HTML questions before, but I couldn’t find an answer to my question.

I have an assignment to write some emails that will include some links to websites. I would like to write them in Scrivener.

However, I don’t want the links to show the full URLs. Instead, I’d prefer to have some words that link to the URL, For instance, instead of typing: Here’s a great article at, I’d prefer to have the words “great article” link to the URL, keeping the URL invisible.

When I paste such a link from the web into Scrivener, Scrivener recognizes it as a link. I just don’t know to create one myself. Is it possible?



Please disregard the previous message. I didn’t look closely enough in Scrivener. The “Add Link…” feature obviously does it. Sorry for the post.

Yes, I see you found it. :slight_smile:

One thing to note however is that not all e-mail clients work the same. Some don’t take embedded links like that, so it is often safer to just use the whole URL. You might refer to it below the paragraph, or like footnotes in a numbered list (and you could use Scrivener’s footnote feature to number such a list for you). Depends on what you need of course, and who the intended recipients are.

If you don’t like the long URLs, you could shorten them using a service such as tinyurl.