HTML5 Export

Hello everyone,

I started playing with Scrivener a few months ago and finally bought it last week. It’s a great piece of software, and the more I’m doing with it, the more I believe that it has huge potential beyond the solitary writer working on his Great American/French/German novel.

As a guy who learned HTML in 1995, I’m kind of obsessed with the web’s lingua franca, so Scrivener’s HTML export was one of the first things I looked at. It’s clean code (which is more than I can say about the HTML export feature of most products). What I really hope for now is HTML5 support – the sooner, the better.

I am aware that HTML5 currently is still in the working draft stage, but with all major browser vendors supporting most of the new semantic elements, I think at least this part of the specification can be considered stable and ready for showtime.

Now if there is one application in the world where the new article and section tags would really shine, it’s Scrivener. With the concept of nested files and folders, one could easily build very complex documents, export them in a semantically meaningful way (HTML5 documents with articles with sections…), slap a style sheet on it and have an accessible document with semantic structure, ready for print, onscreen readers etc.

(And if you’d add a feature to break down a Scrivener project into separate, connected HTML files, with HTML5 headers and footers, I would be in Heaven. One can always dream. :slight_smile: )

PS: I know MMD3 has (kind-of) HTML5 support. But seeing it in Scrivener itself would be far more useful.

Scrivener uses Apple’s built-in HTML exporter (as a one-man development team, writing my own HTML exporter would be a huge undertaking, and it would also be a much lower priority than more standard word processing formats). Seeing as Apple are going the HTML5 route, though, hopefully they will update the HTML exporter they provide to developers at some point.
All the best,

OK; I didn’t know that - I thought you do your own XSLT magic behind the scenes.

So let’s hope for Apple.

(Frankly, I’m a bit pessimistic here, as they have a lot to gain with HTML5 support in their OS X/iOS browser(s), while authoring/export tools are a different story…)

In the meantime, I may have to find/pay someone who can write me an XSLT template that will wrap a HTML file exported from Scrivener into sections and articles, e.g. based on heading levels.

Thank you for clarifying this.