html5 Publication format

Hi Scrivener team,

I just saw on the advertisement of Quark XPress the new feature to create html5 publication formats, which makes them somehow independent from reader hardware - it can be read with a browser.
Are you planning to add beside the standard html compiler output a specific html5 publication output?


At this time the OSX export engine does not support HTML5, so producing anything that requires HTML5 as its underlying document format is pretty much a no-go (that also includes ePub3). That may change in the future—we may look into ways of producing this format through other means than what the Mac provides, or ideally the system itself will finally get itself in the year 2016 and make this a native capability, and then at that time we can look into various popular formats that make use of it.

Thank you for your quick answer. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, Pandoc supports HTML5 output, and it is very easy to integrate Pandoc with Scrivener…

And the native MultiMarkdown support is produces clean HTML5 for that matter. Of course, for the sake of the OP, in both cases one must be willing to write using simple Markdown inspired syntax for formatting, instead of rich text formatting tools. But neither will natively produce an HTML5Pub, which from what I can see is just a fancy animated flip-book thing like you might have seen ten or fifteen years ago done in Flash instead. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like their software handles straight HTML5 file for whatever reason, just PDF and Word files, so I’m not sure how useful an .html file would be out of Scrivener anyway, regardless of its spec. Compiling to PDF or RTF may be the best choice for working with it, as I see no way to make an HTML5pub file out of an HTML5 file! Kind of odd, that; I must be missing something.