I was disappointed to find the Scrivener doesn’t yet support HTML5 as an export option. I haven’t used HTML 4.x for quite some time.

It does support XHTML/Transitional as well, but I think it might be set to HTML 4 by default (not sure why that is come to think of it). The setting is in the “Export Tab” of the Import/Export preference pane, Document type.

As for why we don’t support HTML5 overall, ask Apple, they provide the import/export features of the text engine on the Mac. I mean that rhetorically though, actually sending them feedback is probably a waste of time—they haven’t made significant updates to the core text engine in nearly a decade—but try to find a replacement text engine with better features and typesetting. :slight_smile:

Well, if you export via Multimarkdown which Scrivener supports well, then you can get excellent HTML5 output, and can switch to Pandoc or other text engines for very flexible outputs.