I’ve seen a few links to this new web location for Scrivener information, but I must have missed an announcements regarding it, so I was curious: How does it fit in? Should users look there without being directed to it? The tenderapp site seems to be a full-fledged forum/knowledge base repository thingy, but not one used for public discussion.

I assume that you still want people to post questions here (the Lit & Lat forums, in general) or via email… Is tenderapp a replacement for the wiki? Am I about to be MiB-memory wiped for talking about it in public?

I suppose we have been somewhat remiss in saying anything about it. On the main webpage, there is now a little blue tab on the side (though I’ve noticed it doesn’t appear in Opera) that makes it easy to submit a help request or browse the knowledge base (which is still accumulating). Annoyingly, looking at the support page, I realise it got reverted in the crash a while back and is out of date. I had fixed that to point to the new knowledge base instead of the now defunct wiki. I shall now go and fix it again.

At any rate, the “forum” part of it isn’t meant to be used. In fact all of the topics are set to private, as you note, so if you post to them only we’ll see them. This forum here is far too well established and rich with information to consider abandoning it for a new system. Knowledge base being the exception, it’s mostly just an invisible semi-new infrastructure for handling e-mail help requests.

And now, if you’ll please direct your attention over here…

[] 8)

But vic-k is over there…