HUGE Kudos to the Scrivener Team!

Let me say how pleased I am that the Windows team has chosen to make a beta version available for Scrivener 3.0 at the time of release of the new Mac version! This is an act of genius! Far too often, developers hide away in their closets building their “dream” software, only to find, on release, that users may have had different priorities.

This tendency spawned the Lean Startup method of programming where user feedback is encouraged as early as possible in the development chain. By providing us Windows users with a Beta, you’re partially satisfying our lust for the new version, while giving us a chance to help accelerate the project through our testing and feedback. It also helps to know that L&L cares about their users and their desires.

I strongly suspect that with user feedback, the Windows project will not only complete sooner, but it will be more reliable and better in tune with user’s desires.

Thanks guys, for getting me genuinely excited about a tool that I use to make a living! I hope to be a good beta tester in appreciation for all your hard work! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

We certainly appreciate your encouragement. Thank you.

I agree with klester. This is indeed excellent news.

I will certainly download the beta and look forward to purchasing the final version whenever you deem it ready.


The Windows Team has my sincere gratitude and I cannot wait to use some of the features I have seen my iOS brothers and sisters taking advantage of since I was introduced to the most powerful writing program in the history of mankind! (Just think of how early citizens of Rome or Greece must have suffered!)

So if traveling in the general area of Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio the Windows Team will enjoy some Texas ribeyes as a more demonstrable demonstration of my appreciation.

And until we have the beta ready for release would it help if we sent gift certificates for energy drinks to lubricate the creative programming process?

Looking forward to testing the Beta and will be seriously disappointed if I can’t hunt down at least one bug personally!