Huge .scriv File

Well, its less a bug, more annoying - after some copying around and using my project files on my macbook and my imac I suddenly had a file which is some 772 MB in size. Takes a while to load as well.
Peeking inside the directory the offender was quickly found: a RTFD-File, 471,7 MB, and a file BinderStrings.xml, 245,9 MB.
Opening the rtfD using Textedit worked, but displayed only garbage. In Console I did found some error:

Now, can I simply delete the fat RTFD and the BinderStrings.xml? Or will the rest go down the drain afterwards?

You should generally not delete anything from inside the .scriv file. Instead, locate the document in the binder and delete it from the project by deleting it and then emptying the Trash inside Scrivener.

That said, if you cannot do that, deleting the RTFD file and BinderStrings.xml file should be fine, provided you are using the latest beta (1.095). Upon doing so, when reloading the project, go to File > Save and hold down the Control key when you click on “Save”. This will rebuild the BinderStrings file (only works on 1.095). Be sure to back up the project first, in case something goes wrong.

Incidentally, what OS are you using? I see that console log message repeatedly on the last developer seed of Leopard (I haven’t updated to the GM version yet, as I haven’t had chance).


Wow, that was fast. I failed to locate the RTFD file in the binder - so I did as you suggested which was working pretty fine. I still wonder what did cause this file to grow to that size - I never, ever, put in a file of that size. Perhaps the copying from the macbook to the imac and back did something.

On the macbook i use 10.4.10, the imac has 10.4. and the latest leopard build I toyed with - 9a527 or something like that. Guess I grab the new one tomorrow - we’ll see.