Huge size of images imported from Photo Library

Hi! There is a problem with adding images to Binder. If you add an image from Photo Library, size of that image increases dramatically. One of my images became 19,2 MB from original 2,5 MB after import. It also got rotated 90 degrees to the left. Funny, but it doesn’t happen if you do import from Files app. You can see these image files here:

iOS 13.2.3
Scrivener 1.2

Firstly, cute picture. :smiling_imp:

Thanks, that looks to me like the image is being recompressed to JPG with a very low compression setting (high quality), and perhaps stripping out the EXIF info that dictates rotation (your camera doesn’t know what up or down is, it’s the software that corrects for that depending on how the device is held). Indeed, once copied to the Mac the original image has all kinds of metadata attached to it (exposure, aperture, device details, etc.), but the one imported into the binder is as blank as an image created from scratch as opposed to from a camera.

In testing another program that can import from the photo library, it looks it should be possible to simply import the original image without any modification, so we’ll take a look at it.