huge time lags and cpu spikes with 1.7

Since upgrading to 1.7, I’ve had huge cpu spikes when moving from a subfolder in the Draft folder to the main Draft folder. I’ve been writing my current novel in the beta and at the moment, it’s 70K words divided into about 40 subfolders (one for each chapter). If I’m in a subfolder and want to see what my total word count is, I click on Draft. It takes a minimum of 30 seconds to switch over and then another long drag to switch from corkboard to text view. The problem seems to get worse if I have Firefox open. In fact, my entire system slows down with Scrivener open.

I haven’t seen this brought up, though it seems to have been a bug last fall with large docs. Am I the only one experiencing this now?

stats: windows xp, intel core duo cpu, t7700@2.40ghz, 789MHz, 2 gb ram (yes, i downloaded the xp fix)

Most of this seems to be fixed with 1.9. Maybe give that a try?

@spitfire: my bad on posting—I did upgrade to 1.9 (forgot to mention). 1.7 actually was much much worse (over a minute) and crashed every time I tried to switch. I was ready to roll back to 1.6 when I saw 1.9 was out. My post actually refers to 1.9–still having a huge lag, although it hasn’t crashed.

I’m not seeing anyone else with this problem, but I’m also not seeing anyone with a project this large, wordcount-wise, or subdivided folder-wise. The ability to organize a novel this way is exactly what I am loving about Scrivener, but something’s buggy somewhere, which might defeat my purpose.

Hmm, that does seem a little slow. I know Lee said he’s working on optimizing the program now that most of the features for the first official release are finalized.

Mine lags with far less stuff than yours if it’s been open a long while and I haven’t rebooted the whole system for a bit. But I think that’s more because I’m running this on a netbook.

You may want to try posting over in the Bug Hunt forum. That gets more eyeballs and more replies. Lee would be very interested in this especially if you could provide other usage data from your computer.