Humanities Essay Template?

I am trying to work out how to use this template. The icon for the ‘Body’ text is different to the usual icon for text. I gather this is because it is specially formatted.

But how do I separate that ‘Body’ text out into sections? If I duplicate it and rename each new text, it seems I cannot set project targets for each one. I get the one overall project target, no matter what I do. How can I ‘promote’ or ‘demote’ texts under that ‘Body’ text, so they will have their own project targets, but still retain the special formatting?

The “Body” document is in Script Mode (indicated by the yellow icon), which allows it to use special script settings for easily formatting block quotes and such, as explained in the About document at the top of the binder. New documents you create can be switched to script mode by selecting Format > Scriptwriting > Script Mode (though they may start out that way, if the focus was on a script-mode document when you created the new one). You can also use the duplicate command as you’ve been doing.

The Project Targets information does apply to the whole project–the Draft target on top gives you the count and target for your whole manuscript and the Session target is for your target for the duration that you have the project open, regardless of which document you write in. You can set document targets, however. Normally you can do this by clicking the bulls-eye icon in the right of the editor footer, and once you’ve set a target the progress bar appears there. In script mode this isn’t possible because the target area is replaced by the script elements and other script-specific information, so you won’t be able to see the progress bar directly in the editor there, but you can set a target for the document in the outliner view and keep a watch on the progress there.

To do that, select the document’s container in the binder (e.g. the Main Content folder in the template), then choose View > Outline. Add the “Target” and “Progress” columns to the view by selecting them from View > Outliner Columns–you might also want to add “Word Count” so you can get a more specific idea of your x of y count per document. The target will show as 0 for documents that have no goal set; you can double click this to assign a goal. (The target type will be words by default, so you don’t need to also display and set the “Target Type” column unless you want to change this to characters.)

I am very thankful for this detailed reply, and so promptly done. I will work thru it carefully… have an essay half structured but ran into these problems. Thanks for your help. :smiley:

I also have a query re how to change the font for all the sub-docs (texts) in the Body… I tried changing it in the Title doc as the ‘About’ doc said to do, but that only changed the font for the Title doc. Is there a master doc which will change the font for the whole essay?