Hyperlink Function Request Thread

I bought the pre-release of Scrivener and just finished the tutorial. This is a wonderful writing tool. It also is very flexible in its ability to import support documents for research etc.

I currently use a basic text editor to also organize my TO DO lists and other research I do on the web. I use parts of the “Getting Things Done” methodology which is very popular. Scrivener could add those keywords to its web page to attract another set of users if it wanted. The organizing ability of Scrivener makes it a natural fit to the burgeoning “Getting Things Done” field.

Anyways, one thing which I really need Scrivener to do is to make it a lot easier to create hyperlinks in the editor. For example, I will have a text file that I want to import or just copy and paste into Scrivener and there will be a lot of http:// and https:// addresses with paragraphs after them describing what’s in the link. But the link doesn’t work in scrivener. (I use a text editor which automatically highlights links.) I want to start using Scrivener instead of the Text Editor but I have to go through all my documents and for every link (many hundreds), I need to first find each link and then highlight the link and then copy the link and then click: Edit/Link/paste the link into the box.

At the very least, I would hope that the following functionality can be added to Scrivener in the future.

#1: Select some text, Right-Click the text and select “Hyperlink” in the right-click menu which will bring up the link window with the selected text already filling the field like Word and then just click “OK” to make the link. It should attempt to select whether it is http:// or https:// or e-mail. If I select any part of a link and right-click it, I should have the option to unlink that text. This should be an essential feature and it is mostly there except it isn’t a right click menu and the selected text is not pasted automatically into the hyperlink field. I do like the fact that the current link system works with e-mail so that e-mail can also be highlighted in a different color which is important.

BUG in Scrivener 1.02: I also tried to change the “Link” color in Tools menu/Options/Appearance Tab/Colors Section/Editor/Links and Visited Links
But it didn’t seem to affect any of the links color including e-mail/hyperlinks or even Scrivener Links. The highlighted color of the link was always the system default underlined blue and when I clicked on it, the color never changed to the visited color link.

It would also be nice to have the option for different user colors for Hyperlinks and Visited Hyperlinks, Scrivener Links and Visited Scrivener Links, and E-mails. But the Visited Links in different colors is not really important. Even just one color for all links would be good enough as long as it is configurable. Maybe I’m just doing something wrong in the setting?

If you really want to make this useful, two more features should be added.

#2: Make it so whenever there is an http:// or https:// or www. or e-mail Scrivener will automatically make that word (everything after that to the next space/return) into a hyperlink automatically. This should simply be a setting in the Editor Options with something like:
“Create hyperlinks automatically for http:// https:// and www. And email” And maybe even have an option to add custom hyperlink sensitive beginnings. Of course, the color of the hyperlink and visited hyperlinks should be user configurable. It would be nice if anything with an @ sign which ends with an extension like abc@gmail.com was also automatically highlighted and linked so the default mail program is launched.

#3: If #2 works, then it should be that copying and pasting links either from the clipboard or en masse from another document would have them all be highlighted as hyperlinks based on the same rules in #2. If the general option for auto-hyperlinks is checked, then copied hyperlinks would be linked automatically including highlighting e-mail addresses. The auto-highlighting is the most important part there so if someone pastes a document, then the e-mails and hyperlinks are all highlighted throughout the document.

Currently, I do like the fact that I can drag and drop links directly from the browser but I have a lot of links in text files which I want to use in Scrivener and I also want to be able to easily have links highlighted automatically as I type them or paste them into the document. With research being so web-centric these days, it should be as easy as possible to create hyperlinks in a document and also unlink things as well.

There are a couple other bugs which I’m trying to reproduce and are not related to this whole “Hyperlink Function Request Thread.” I will post those to another thread once I’ve tested them with the latest beta.

Thanks so much for making Scrivener. I’m really amazed at how well thought out all the functions are. There’s nothing else quite like in the PC world and I’ve certainly tried a lot of Editors.

I was thinking that a keyboard shortcut would help me with request #1… and I can’t seem to find a way to make the Edit / Link command into a keyboard shortcut.

Tools / Options / Keyboard Tab

Under description I see the “Edit” menu and it has almost all the commands available except the “Link” command…

I tried the filter for “Link” and nothing shows up. So I guess this is not possible.

Please also make it possible to have a keyboard shortcut to Edit / Link

And I notice when going into the Link command, it doesn’t remember the last option selected. No matter what, it always picks: http://
It seems like Scrivener mostly seems to remember and use the last thing selected except here.

And obviously, whatever is in the clipboard should automatically be placed in the link location. Then one could just select the text which should be a link, hit Ctrl-C to copy, hit a keyboard shortcut for “Link” and hit return… Not quite as good as automatically linking http and e-mail but good enough.

I realize there are probably a lot more parts to Scrivener which need attention to bring it to parity with the mac version but hopefully at some point in the future, these “Hyperlink Function” requests can make it into the program.

Can I bump this? On OS X Lion version. Would be really great to have a keyboard shortcut to quickly add hyperlinks. This is in fact far more useful than internal scrivener links…

Hiya Konstantin, I think you want to be across the way in the Mac section. This is Windows.

Oh, thanks. Got here by searching the forums to see if anyone had already asked the question, didn’t realize this was Windows-only. Well, we’ve got the same troubles in both OS’s…