Hyperlink is lost after applying a script element

Hi, I am new to Scrivener. I have encountered problem where hyperlinks within a paragraph is lost after a script element been applied. Here’s how to replicate the problem.

  1. In “Script Mode - Screenplay” (Command-3), use the script element “General Text” (Command-Y, then G)
  2. Type “Apple is green”
  3. Select the word “Apple” and choose Text > Add Link… and enter an URL. At this point “Apple” becomes a hyperlink with its underline etc.
  4. Select the whole line and switch to a different script element eg “General Text (Centered)”, (command-Y then C). Notice the word “Apple” is no longer a hyperlink.

I also encountered highlight is not preserved in the same scenario.
Is there a way to workaround this?

Many thanks in advance.

Scrivener 1.5.2n
Mac OS X 10.6.2


I’m afraid this is a known limitation of the script mode in 1.x. I will be addressing both of these problems for 2.0 (out next year).

Thanks and all the best,