Hyperlink label not removed when compiling

In a document in Drafts I have successfully inserted hyperlinks to Research material by dragging in the icon of the source material, and by ‘Link To Document’ from the right-click context menu. I get the underlined Title of the source and when the link is clicked I see the source in a second window. All as expected.

When I compile ( to TXT, RDF, HTML), I want to drop the hyperlinks. Setting ‘Remove All Hyperlinks’ in the compile options does seem to drop the link BUT the ‘label’ text is retained (i.e. the title of the original source document is now part of the compiled text).

I now have just 3 hours experience with Scrivener so I expect I am missing something. Please put me out of my misery!

Yeah that’s how it is meant to work. Think of it in the sense that you can link relevant portions of text to research items, say in fiction, a character name to a character sheet. You wouldn’t want the character’s name to vanish from the novel wherever you linked to the sheet. This can be a useful technique for linking sections internally within the Draft as well, to provide yourself with internal cross-references between related topics.

So what you want to do if you wish to create a link where the text of the link itself is also a side comment is to use the inline annotation feature, in the Insert menu. That will by default remove all text found within the annotation—and it also means you can achieve a hybrid workflow where maybe you want cross-references to be used for reader access as well (useful in eBooks), where wiping them all out with the hyperlink removal option would be undesirable.

By the way you could quickly fix the stuff you have already with the following checklist:

  1. Use the Edit ▸ Find ▸ Find by Formatting… command.
  2. Set the Find mode to “Links”, and optionally the Link type filter to “Document Link”, to skip over external hyperlinks.
  3. Feel free to close the panel at this point and use the ⇧⌥⌘G shortcut to find the next link. You could then alternate between that shortcut and the ⇧⌘A shortcut which will annotate the highlighted text. You may find that it is best however to adjust the selection slightly, if there is one or more spaces around the link that should also be removed when compiling. This could be done by simply hitting ⇧← to expand the selection one character to the left, and then annotating and moving on to the next.

Thanks AmberV, very helpful. Using a Document Link within Inline Annotation seems to do what I wanted, i.e. internal hyperlink to research while drafting but dropping all evidence of hyperlinks when compiled. What a great feature!