hyperlink termination, and editing hyperlinks

If you paste an external hyperlink into scrivener, a new line (hitting return in the editor) doesn’t end the link. The link doesn’t break until a space is reached. So if you paste a link, then an image, then hit enter, then type, for example, the text you’re typing (and the image you pasted) will be part of the previous hyperlink.

Even a space shouldn’t be required: the next character typed after pasting a hyperlink should be unlinked, correct? This is standard behavior in all other editors that I’ve used.

Maybe this is related to the way in which text is hyperlinked? In Scrivener, if you highlight text and paste a hyperlink from your clipboard, that text gets hyperlinked. There’s no way to edit this link that I can find, only unlink. This is very non-standard and unintuitive behavior: why not have a hotkey (ctrl + k is common on windows for this, though it’s already used in scrivener) to bring up an “edit link” dialogue, where you can edit your link and text?

Here are screenshots from three major windows editors that do this (I think most do), all with ctrl + k:
Google Docs Edit Link
Evernote Edit Link
Word 2013 (far more than we need)

EDIT: Changed images to links, since they weren’t displaying

It just seems like this problem has been solved and there’s a standard around handling links in text documents which would make link handling simple, and prevent bugs like the running hyperlinks issue.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Love scrivener (:

Just a bump to indicate that this bug is still present as of (run-on links), and there’s still no hyperlink editing feature that I’m aware of. Any plans to add anything like this, or is the behavior I describe not considered a bug?


I am having the same problem, the year is 2020. Why has this not been fixed? I did not buy this software to make my workflow more difficult.

Yes, apparently the current Windows version 1.9.16 still has this bug. But I just checked the Windows v3 beta, and it does not. So when Windows Scrivener v3 is released, if you upgrade it will handle your links correctly.

By the way, Windows Scrivener v3 will be a paid upgrade, unless you purchased your license on or after 20th November 2017, in which case you will get a free upgrade.


Thanks Jim,

I tried the beta and it’s great except for the expiration factor, It doesn’t sit well with me.

The expiration is so that bug reports are all for the same version of the beta. And every time the expiration date approaches, the new beta version goes live. They haven’t missed a single date, as far as I can recall, and I remember using the original Windows beta for many months, years ago. There are only two real reasons a new beta won’t be released when the old one expires: either they’re actually releasing the full version and have no more need of the beta, or they’re giving up completely on the Windows version, with no plans to release anything else, ever. Which of these sounds more likely?