Hyperlink won't open another Scapple document

I have a large Scapple document that refers to other Scapple docs.
I put in a hyperlink to another Scapple doc but I get an error message telling it doesn’t know what app to open. And the Scapple app is grayed out. Does anyone know wha the solution might be?

How did you create the link in the first place? The easiest way to test is to drag a .scap file from Finder into an open board. You will get an automatically created link that is properly formed and should work. If it does, then edit that link to see how it is put together and make sure your link looks the same.

I note your forum tag is set to Windows, so if you’ve done this in the past on Windows by dragging files into the URL field, that doesn’t work on the Mac for some reason. You have to type in the “file://” part yourself, and then drag in the file. But like I say if you just need a note that is a link to a non-image or text file, then drag and drop into the board itself is easiest.

Thanks for the response. I’m primarily using Windows. So I re-did the link there and now it works.


Amber I am having a similar problem on mac and can’t get the link to work. When I drag in I get a link that works but when I try to then add that link to some words it does not. See attachment jpg. The long link beginning with /Users works but when I use the “add link” action and put the same path in, it does not work. And when I edit that link, it won’t remove the link. I have to delete the words.Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 3.29.29 PM.png

The instructions in this post explain how to make a link.

Thank you. But I am still only able to open the link if I leave in full form i.e. the path. I am unable to highlight a word and use the Edit>Add link so that I can link from a word or phrase as opposed to having the full long path name which clutters up my document/note etc. Perhaps this functionality is not available.

I cannot confirm that with the provided information. Here is an attached sample document which contains a link that will open Calculator on your Mac, using a linked word rather than the full path.
functional_link.zip (1.65 KB)