hyperlinks? footnotes as pages? (is this the correct term?)

I do not know if this is the correct term for what I want to do.
When I was a kid I had these “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, written in the second person, and every page ended with choices, “Do you take the door on the right?, turn to page 30/ the door on the left, page 40/ the door in the middle page 50”.
So, SUPPOSE I decide to tackle this ridiculously difficult task on Scrivener, how would I do it so a click takes you to another page? I figure this would be like footnotes, except the footnotes are stored on individual pages. Is my logic correct here?


You would just use Scrivener links for this (Edit > Scrivener Link, also available via the ctrl-click menu). These wouldn’t work when exported for all formats, but they would for e-books and HTML exports, which I’m guessing would be the main thing.

You should be able to get a choose-your-own-adventure e-book going with Scrivener easily. I used to love those things!

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A couple years ago I found a Choose Your Own Adventure based off the Zork games. It was an irresistible purchase, given it was under a dollar in a used bookstore, but reading it was rather painful. The games were so good! The book was so…not. And of course I read every single possible path anyway.