Hyperlinks formatting lost in RTF compile

Hi there,

I’m new here and new to Scrivener. I searched around for an answer to this and found a bug fix listed in the Mac version but nothing for Windows (which I use).

Basically, when I do a custom RTF formatted compile I lose the blue underlining of my hyperlinks when the document is opened in Word.

The links themselves are still intact but the formatting is changed to black. I searched around a feature similar to the one listed in the Mac thread of “Ensure hyperlinks are colored and underlined” but couldn’t find it.

Any ideas here?


This is basically a compatibility issue with how the links are read in Word, but you should be able to fix it quickly after the fact following the steps here.


Thanks for the reply. I’m not able to get this working, unfortunately. I have tried to do a Find/Replace per the instructions each time I get zero replacements… I can’t even get Word to find any part of the field code at all.

If I create a new document and sample hyperlinks from scratch in Word, I can get the FInd/Replace to work with no problem but no matter what format I export from Scrivener in (.rtf, .doc), I get back zero results. I’ve even tried copying and pasting the links from my Scrivener export to a new document in Word but also, zero results.

FWIW, when the field codes are toggled, it looks as though Scrivener is using the Courier New 12 pt style. I don’t know if this is affecting things somehow or not since the rest of the document is in Garamond 14 pt.

Otherwise, I’m not sure how to isolate the origin of the problem. Any idea how I could troubleshoot this?


Sorry, looks like this has changed a bit, so I’ll go update the KB article. The same steps should work for you to fix the links from Scrivener if you remove the space in the search text between ^d and hyperlink–the space exists in the links created within Word, which is why you were able to find those. Removing it will allow you to find and replace the style for the others.