Hyperlinks Issue (feature not ready?)

I’ve followed the steps to create a file-to-file hyperlink between one document in a folder in the binder and another document in that same folder. The hyperlink appears just fine, (or if I highlight text, it turns it blue) but when I cursor over it, the cursor remains as text-input, and clicking on the blue text does nothing except place a black dotted box around the hyperlinked text.

Is hyperlinking a feature that is not yet functioning in the 0.0.35 Windows version?

I noticed that at one point my cursor did become a pointing finger, but it still did nothing when clicked and then the cursor remained a pointing finger even over normal text. I have been unable to recreate the pointing finger since.

I was able to recreate the cursor locking into the shape of a pointing finger by drag-highlighting the linked text. As I dragged across it so that the text became white in a dark blue box, the cursor became a hand and then remained that way.

The link still does not redirect to the target.

There are just a few bugs/quirks to finish up here. The issue of the mouse changing and sticking when selecting/dragging text is a known bug that just didn’t get fixed yet for 035; it corrects when you close the project, and everything still works even when the cursor icon is wrong, but it can be annoying, I know. Scrivener links do work, but at the moment they’re set to open in the split editor and they will not automatically split the editor when you click them, so unless the split already exists clicking the link does nothing. If the editor is split, clicking the link will load the document in the second editor. This isn’t how it’s going to end up–clicking the link will load it in the editor as you expect (eventually there will be options about the click behavior, but they may not get in for 1.0).

Just to confirm, yes with the split open it works, although the finger pointing cursor doesn’t appear with mouse-over, which is oddly disturbing. Thanks for the info. I can stop trying to figure this one out.