Hyperlinks & Maybe a Bug


I would just like to say Scapple is a great program and rather intuitive to use, even adding blackboard backgrounds or lined paper textures to make it a little more engaging than plain white. As others have stated it would be good if these were available as templates - although I got around this by saving a document with backgrounds found on google images and set my text styles and then using the finder to make it into a stationery document - so there is a work around to the lack of templates option.

My request was for images to be able to have hyperlinks - so that when you click on an image that maybe included in a scapple document to either open a file on the computer (or a larger version in scapple if the image is scaled down) or open a webpage. I’m aware that i can just have text under the image and have a link in the text, but this seems like double handling and makes a sexy scapple document look a little less sexy :wink:

Also I’ve only tried it for a week or so but when I tried using the ‘revert document’ feature a few times it doesn’t seem to actually revert to the past documents version unless i close scapple and reopen the file. For example I make a mistake and would like to go back 3 saves previous - the right version shows up in the history, i select that version, but when it reopens in scapple it opens in the version I don’t want. When I close scapple (and the document) and reopen the same file it opens in the correct version (it’s like the screen isn’t updating to the correct version - while the file itself is updated correctly and it takes the file to be closed and reopened to refresh and show the correct version)

If all that makes sense :wink: It might just be my system I’m using OSX 10.7.3 and scapple 1.0 (3996) or someone might have mentioned it in the past and have a solution.

If image hyperlinks can be added i’ll definitely be registering the software :wink:

Thanks again for a great program.

Kind regards

Firstly, you should upgrade to Scapple 1.1 if you have not already done so. The reversion bug that you referred to has been fixed in that version.

I don’t know if I’d call that a work-around. That is the accepted way of creating document templates with a Mac. :slight_smile: Stuff like this makes it so every single developer needn’t roll a bunch of UI and code to provide the same old thing over and over.

I’ll put the hyperlink idea on the list for consideration, but don’t buy it on the premise it will be added soon. Keith is the one that decides on these things.

Thanks for giving the software a try! I hope you end up liking it anyway despite the hyperlink thing.