Hyperlinks not exporting in .docx

Hi there… I’m a business blogger, and I’ve been using Scrivener to create my posts for the last month or so. I’ve been getting frustrated with the web link function in Scrivener, but everything else is wonderful.

When I export my document as a .docx, none of the web links in the text show up as links. They’re in there, but I have to do extra formatting to make sure that they’re visible. In a Word doc, they’d be both blue and underlined, and that’s what my clients are looking for.

This is a problem because when I send my drafts to my clients, they need to know exactly what’s a link and what’s not before they upload it to their site.

Is there something I’m missing? Thanks!

This is the section on the manual for compiling hyperlinks (S8.5.7

Just so we’ve eliminated the obvious, have you made sure that the ‘Remove all hyperlinks’ tick box is unticked in the Compile > All Options > Transformation pane?

If that doesn’t work, try compiling to RTF, rather than .docx and see whether they work there — it would at least be a fallback while the problem is investigated.


  1. If you open your .docx in Pages, are the links there?

  2. Compile > Transformations > Remove all hyperlinks. Is this option selected? If yes, deselect it and try again.

3a. Try Compile > Compile For Rich Text (.rtf – Word Compatible),

3b. Then choose RTF Compatibility and see if there is a tick next to Ensure hyperlinks are colored and underlined.

3c. Then try another compile to .docx

If you end up compiling to RTF, make sure to check the “Ensure hyperlinks are colored and underlined” box in the Compile -> RTF Compatibility pane.

Make sure you have Word’s automatic formatting options turned off, or at least be sure that you know what they are configured to do.


I have been having this issue too. It arose unexpectedly… at one time, any .docx would have all links clearly highlighted; today, for some reason, all the links appear “invisible,” just as the OP described. They can be clicked in the exported .docx file, but unless you know where they are, you’d never find them.

Checking and unchecking the “hide hyperlinks” box did not work. However, I did find that exporting my document through the “compile” function, rather than the “export” function did work.

Are you exporting to RTF or Word? If to .docx or .doc, you should see them fine. If RTF, they might be invisible. Either way, in your Compile format, check that in the “Compatibility” settings “Ensure hyperlinks are coloured and highlighted” is ticked.

Thank you, Even a few yrs. old this answer this helped me out today!