hyperlinks open in other editor, but the focus stays still in the old

when i click on a hyperlink from one editor
to a file in the other editor

it opens the link in the other editor fine,
but the FOCUS stays still in the old editor

but i would like the focus also to SWITCH over
to the new editor (target) as-well

since i often have document notes on that target
and i can never see them (because the focus is still in the old)
until i go and manually focus upon that other editor.

but this extra step, is really nerving
and i hope this gets added soon
(at least optionally, like under that already existing setting:
to open the hyperlink in the other editor AND switch focus there as-well)

figured out a somewhat usable work-around

just press CTRL+TAB

and the focus will switch to the other editor.
(which is better than to do it with the mouse,
but i still hope you put in that focus option)