This has to be pretty simple, but I can’t find it anywhere and it’s driving me crazy: How does one insert a hyperlink in Scrivener?

I’m writing a review and would like to link to other reviews on the web, but I can’t find how to insert the links into my document. :frowning:

Yup, it is.

Select the link text, then say “Edit → Add link…” from the main menu, and fill in the dialog box that pops up. You paste the target URL into the text field in the dialog box; note that you don’t need to include the protocol prefix. Boom, hyperlink.

Hope this helps!



Thanks, Nathan. I looked everywhere except for the menu :smiley:

Don’t you hate it when that happens? :wink: I can’t tell you how many times that has happened to me. Once we get an up-to-date manual… wait, was that a flying pig I just saw??? :slight_smile:

Oh hush. :slight_smile: Ioa’s working on it and we’ll have a beautiful, up-to-date manual for the 1.0 release.


Actually, I’ve been spending a little spare time between projects reading the Scrivener 2.1 Manual. It makes very interesting reading, and it certainly helps to put the work on the windows 1.0 version into perspective. Recommended reading.

I’d LOVE to be able to select a word or phrase and create a link to the web with a shortcut, rather than having 1) to move my mouse to click Edit, 2) mouse movement again to Edit Link, 3) then shortcut paste, 4) then return … With Circus Ponies Notebook I hit a shortcut key combination and a dialogue box opens with the selected url already in the box and then have only to hit return: basta! I realize that this wonderful program is optimized for writing, and not necessarily web work, but I write with the web, for the web, etc., and labels on links I drag into Scrivener often are labelled with the url, which I then have to correct. I’m working on a Mac (Lion) and have tried creating a link from Preferences/Keyboard/Application Shortcuts, which would be fine, but creating a shortcut with “Edit Link …” or “Edit Link” does not work, maybe I’m doing something wrong? I’m able to create a bunch of other shortcuts to Scrivener actions on the drop down menu this way, so maybe a simpler option (cutting out radio buttons, or defaulting to the web link) would work? Hmmm! Thanks! Bruce

Hi Bruce,

This is doable, but you’ll need to create the shortcut for two menu options, “Edit Link…” (with no space before the ellipsis) and also for “Add Link…”. The menu switches between these depending whether a link is already selected, so if you’re attempting to create a new link, a shortcut for only “Edit Link…” won’t help you. Just assign the same keyboard shortcut to both and you should be good.

MM: Your advice works, perfect! Interesting that the same shortcut will, if nothing is selected, paste the link as full url, but if a word/label is selected, the url is underneath it, so to speak: that’s a VERY fine feature (and especially as I can use the same combination as I use in Circus Ponies Notebook, ie., one less shortcut to remember). Mighty fine for the work I do. Thanks! -b