Can I insert hyperlinks in Scrivener? I am researching a subject, when I cut and paste the link, it is just a line of text.

Drag and drop from the browser address bar usually drops the text as an active link. Otherwise you can use Edit > Add Link and type, paste, or drag the link there. This works to apply a link to existing text as well.

Thank you!


Just installed the new version Version - and thanks for your tremendous improvements in the Windows version.

What I am still missing, is a simple shortcut and button for inserting a web link in a text page (eg like in MS Word STRG + K).

The proposed “Drag and drop from browser address bar” does not produce an active link, but a text line only, neither from Firefox nor Opera.

The only way it actually works is Edit > Add Link, which is quite inconvenient on the long run.

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Hi Silfida

I suspect you’re selecting the contents of the address bar and dragging that string into Scrivener. Instead, try dragging the icon immediately to the left of the address bar URL. No need to select. You should get the link, at least from Firefox and Chrome.

Rgds – Jerome

You can also add a shortcut for Add Link in the Keyboard tab of Tools > Options.


Thanks for your help.

@Jerome: This is the solution. When dragging the icon left from the browser adress bar to the Scrivener text window (instead of marking the adress itself), the transfer to an active link works perfectly, even in Opera.

@Jennifer: In the keyboard options, I couldn’t find a short cut rsp description line for “Add Link” (only “Scrivener Link” and “Edit Link” are shown). Can such a link be created manually - or what can I do?

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“Edit Link” is the one you want. I’m not sure why it’s in there like that–maybe carryover from an older menu name. Sorry for the confusion; I wasn’t sitting at the Windows machine to double-check the wording.

Thanks, Jennifer,

For the solution: As a matter of fact, the expression “Edit link” in the keyboard options does insert a link to webpages, files etc. Adding a shortcut here now opens the windows for adding a link. Great!

Somehow missleading, I was supposing this would change a link. Maybe a minor mug to be corrected later.

BR silfida