How can I make hyperlinks, from one part of a Scrivener doc to another part; and from one part of a doc to a certain part of another doc? It can be done with Pages, Apple Works, and HTML. Scrivener?

The four systems you list are all completely different in an underlying way, and two of them are closed formats, meaning nobody knows how they do what they are doing except for Apple’s developers. RTF isn’t very much like HTML at all, and although it has support for a bookmarking feature, it isn’t something provided by the system. You’ll note none of the applications that use TextEdit style services support point-to-point linking, but many support document-to-document linking. That’s a clue that the feature is a lot more difficult to develop correctly. :slight_smile:

Another reason why point-to-point hasn’t been a huge priority is that Scrivener encourages smaller document sizes, meaning that ultimately document-to-document links are more useful, when used in this fashion. Since not everyone uses small documents, 2.0 will have a local text bookmarking feature, so while you won’t be able to link from Doc A to Doc B: Bm #3, you can still get to Doc B and then use a convenient tool to jump to Bm #3.

You can currently use Scrivener Links to link from one document to another, though, so if you keep your documents as small chunks, you can keep these relevant and useful. Right-click in the document where you want to create the link and in the context menu choose Scrivener Link and the document to which you want to link. This lets you place the link anywhere in the text you want, though it will link to the entire document as a whole, not to a specific place within it. You could use annotations to provide little tags for yourself if you wanted, to make it easy to jump to a specific section once you’d loaded the document, but that might be overkill.

You may also add links to external URLs with the Text: Add Link command.
Do this, and you don’t need to cram the Research folder with lots of URLs.

Thanx for your input. Unfortunately I don’t work in small chunks. I guess I gotta wait till 2.0

BTW when can we expect it?

Check out this thread.

Although I should point out that, although Scrivener links are easier to use in 2.0, their scope hasn’t changed - you still link to entire documents, not to parts within documents.

Have you looked at multi-markdown Automatic Cross References? They are limited to referencing headers. Have a look at http://fletcherpenney.net/multimarkdown/users_guide/multimarkdown_syntax_guide/

Small point of correction, they are not just limited to headers. Images and tables can also be assigned an ID which may be used as cross-references.