Hyphen Ending Quotations

If I have a sentence that reads something like…

“You don’t understand the-”

… where there is a hyphen, followed by a quote (such as when a character interrupts another. The end quotation mark points the wrong way, on the outside instead of the inside.

I can combat this by putting the quotation first, and then manually going back and squeezing in the hyphen, but still, it would be better if I didn’t have to. :wink:

This isn’t a bug (at least not in Scrivener itself, but deeper), it’s just normal across most word processing software (it’s exactly the same in Word and Pages), a limitation of software following rules and not always being able to work out whether something should be an open or close quote. (Scrivener’s smart quotes are all handled by Apple code, in fact, the same as in TextEdit.) I always type an extra character after the hyphen, then type the quotation mark, then I delete the extra character - I’m so used to doing this from so many years of using Word that I barely think about it any more.

There is an easier fix, though: in the “Keyboard” system preferences, set up a text replacement to replace hyphen + straight double quotes with hyphen + curly closed double quotes. This replacement will kick in before the OS X text system’s curly quotes detection, and so do what you want.

Hope that helps!

All the best,

Another thing you can do is directly key in the proper form of punctuation and bypass the “smart” stuff entirely for those situations where you know the automatic attempt will fail. It’s pretty easy on my keyboard—the keys are in fact right next to typing in a straight quote: Opt-[ and Shift-Opt-[ are the keys for double quotes. Apostrophes and single quotes are the same modifiers with the ] key.