Hyphenation - do we have to add this kind of code?


I’ve unpacked an epub file from a major publishing house (epub in Portuguese) and, taking a look at it’s html and css code, I found strings related to hyphenation, as below:

-webkit-hyphens: auto;
-epub-hyphens: auto;

As I didn’t see anything related to that on the Scrivener compile option, my doubt is if we have to add this kind of css code manually in order to have the epub output properly compiled for the e-readers when using the hyphens.

Does anyone have any idea about that, please?

Thanks, we’ll take a look into it. There aren’t any existing options for automatically inserting those CSS instructions.

I thinks it’s for epub 3.

I also found “-adobe-hyphens: none;”


Well bummer, that throws a bit of a wrench into it. Until Apple supports HTML5 output, we’re a bit stuck on ePub 2 to the best of my knowledge.