hyphenation, margins,widows and orphans

Are thse features among those, who are not implemnted?
Orshould there work and these are bugs?

In my copa of paperback format, I can change teh margins - it seems. But in the output thy come out as the default ones. Also when I compile it to odt, only the first page has papaerback format… After it it turns to the standarad A4-foramt.

hyphenation does not work.

I get widows and orphans.
btw. why is tehre not the option to choose separately, if to avoid them boht or not? Sometimes it’s just too hard to avoid a widow, but orphans always look too bad.

The release notes do point out that compile issues still exist.

And this sounds like compile issues.

that’s not an answer to m yquestion. :unamused:

Read I can myself.