I am a VERY big deal writer.

The only thing is, when I refer to “my book,” it means a book in which I published a four or five page long story. However, read the following review:

Here I Am is the best written and most compelling story in the entire book.”

I really appreciated my mother saying that.

But all kidding aside, I have been published. Take a look at Chicken Soup for the Jewish Soul, beginning on page 308. I have no idea who selected the little quote above the story or even what it has to do with the story, but yup, that’s my published work.

I’ve also published two sermons in the magazine The American Rabbi. I’m as proud as I can be of publishing something in a periodical that has fewer readers than Golf Course Landscaping Monthly.

My single best piece of writing may have been an ingenious Tweet I sent to @lenadunham. Lena noticed it and retweeted it with the comment “The best!” If that does not make me a writer, I don’t know what does.

It all counts!

PS Publishing reviews of your tweets. Brilliant! :laughing:

[size=150]ey up!! what’s this joker doing to this naked chicken?!![/size] Anyway Ben, this CSftJS, better be worth the money, or else I’ll be sending you the bill.

Congrats on the inclusion. :smiley: I expect it’ll be full of the usual gratuitous sex/violence/sadomasochism ‘n’ Hellfire&Damnation. Ah well…c’est la vie…eh?

Thank you!


The story is pretty bland in contrast with the photo! Thanks a lot—if it’s chicken for dinner tonight, I’m fasting. :laughing: