I am brand new to Scrivener. I am in the tutorial. I ended up deleting the "Resetting Tutorial" file. Pls Help!

I wish there was a phone number to contact someone. I am sure this is an easy fix, however, I this is brand new to me and I am not comfortable yet with this program.

Per the instructions in the tutorial, I was having a look around, trying out creating new folders, clicking on this and that. Well, I thought the “resetting the tutorial” button was meant to “restore” the program back to its original form.

I am unclear when it says to Ctrl-click, I know you hold down the control button on the Mac, but, what do you click on?

What happened is I went into the text of the “Resetting the Tutorial” under “Tips” folder and accidentally deleted some of the text. I ended up dragging the icon of “Resetting the Tutorial” down to the trash. Then, I attempted to reset the tutorial, but, it did not work, meaning when I went back to the main page of the tutorial in its original form, and whatever I did, did not work.

How do I restore the page and text to its original format so I can start fresh?

I want to feel the freedom to be able to try this and that, but, I also don’t want to be afraid to try something and have this experience where I am clueless especially given that I am clueless, not knowing anything about the program and wanting to be able to master it.

Thank you so much for taking your time to help me!! :blush: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

This post should help…


Hi Jo,

Thank you for replying to my issue.

I went to finder and saw about five different Tutorial-bak.zip. I clicked one open and it took me to a page from the tutorial I was studying last night.

I closed that out. I then went to open a new project, as suggested. First, I went to the Project drop down and scrolled to New From Template, and it was greyed out so I could not open it. Then I went to File, Close Project (to close the project) and then hit, File-New Project.

When the screen opened, the same page I made changes with, meaning, I created a new folder under the Binder tab (I was just following the instructions and trying out the program), that “untitled new folder” was still there. And, the tab called “Resetting the Tutorial” under the “Tips” was still gone.

Is there someone I can talk to walk me through this as I am sure it will come up when I am writing?

Thank you,
Heidi B

If you are unsure of where you saved the tutorial project, then load it from the Help menu, and then use the File ▸ Show Project in Finder command. Once you have it highlighted in a Finder window, close it in Scrivener and then move it to the trash.

Opening the tutorial backup files (the bak.zip stuff) aren’t going to help reset the tutorial. Scrivener doesn’t use those directly for anything, they are passive backups that are created automatically. Incidentally you could probably restore a copy of the tutorial that exists from prior to deleting the instructions to reset it—that is how you would fix accidental deletions for real—but in this case I think a normal reset would be a better learning curve. :slight_smile:

Isn’t the easiest way to open a fresh tutorial to simply click on Tutorial on the opening Welcome screen?

You need to delete the existing copy first. But yes.