I am completely lost...

I know it is not the fault of the software … but after hours of reading, doing all the testing steps, watching videos and reading these forums - Scrivener is just beyond my knowledge base. I got the trial version for Nanowrimo2013 and was excited over it. I was hoping to figure it out, purchase it and use it for more writing beyond November.
I already had around 5,000 words written in word and I figured out how to paste one chapter in a chapter box (I guess that is what I did) and I cannot seem to go beyond there. I am just ignorant of how to do this. . . so maybe it requires someone having far more experience with computer software than I presently have to use.
I downloaded the Windows version and have heard it can be harder to use so maybe that, coupled with my lack of knowledge is what it is. Oh, well. I have done Nanowrimo for seven years and only completed/won twice but I just made one Word document that kept an ongoing word count and copied and pasted from there to the site when it was time to submit. I will just do that until I figure out a better way. I am in awe of the many of you who have all this figured out.

Sorry to hear the program didn’t work out for you. Not every piece of software can work for everyone. As for the Windows version in particular, I would say if anything it is probably a little easier to learn than the Mac version, as it is still growing; it has fewer features to contend with. Nevertheless, I wish you the best in your search for the right one. Note that we list many alternatives on our links page. Good luck on your NaNo this year!

P.S. Do you need help getting the words you wrote out, or did you save those elsewhere?