I am continually humbled and enormously grateful

Keith, I’m now approaching the end of a year’s worth of research and about to actually (gulp) start writing chapters. I cannot thank you enough–I could not do so in several writing lifetimes–for Scrivener. This is my fifth novel ms, and the world of difference that having Scrivener has made is beyond telling. I have never felt such ease of mastery of a large and sprawling work, never felt my head so gratefully emptied of all those disparate threads that used to keep me up nights and ruin my nerves. I do a great deal of pre-writing–planning, outlining (more thanks to whoever suggested the Snowflake link, which has also proved enormously helpful), sketching, note gathering, etc etc–I really do “write the book before I write the book,” and Scrivener has turned a formerly nightmarish task into easy and at times even pleasurable sailing.

If the work ever sees the light of day, you will be among the first I credit for making that possible. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank the gods for this amazing program and for the genius who created it.


Thank you. :slight_smile: You’ve just cheered up a man despairing over the mayoral elections in London. :slight_smile:
All the best,

For those of you on the west side of the Atlantic, who’s only reason to look across the ocean to the UK is Scrivener, let me shed some light on Keith’s mayoral despairs.

Since a picture can say more than the amount of words even Scrivener can hold, here are three of the newly elected Mayor of London:

But hey, soon the US presidential elections start…wheee!


Again for those not in the UK, it’s not simply a matter of despairing over the London Mayor, it’s despair over the end to any hope of progressive radical government, certainly in my lifetime.

In 1997, the incoming administration had a once in a generation (possibly a lifetime) opportunity to change the economic and political landscape of the UK. A massive majority and a degree of goodwill not seen, probably since the end of WW2, meant they had the country at their feet.

With consummate ease they squandered it all and we now find ourselves with the oil running out, the family silver gone and no productive investment in any meaningful sense to prepare ourselves for the future. Instead, as Nicola Horlick memorably remarked in a recent Panorama programme on the BBC, “We went shopping and in 20/30 years time we’re going to regret it”.

I think it’s that utter disillusionment that has many of us weeping in our beer (or latte) this morning.

PS. Sorry for the rant Keith, but I can guess how you feel…

Tacitus, I utterly agree… But with a rather sore head this morning I must apologise to Zoe for drunkenly despairing over politics here and derailing the thread.

Zoe - thank you very much for your kind words about Scrivener. I’m really glad it is helping you, and that you are getting so far into your manuscript (if only I were!). I’m hoping the next update will make it a little easier to set up templates for things such as the Snowflake method, too.

All the best,

No apologies necessary at all, Keith! I can empathize enormously.

How very familiar this sounds, from the battlefield on this side of the pond!!!

The world is going to hell in a handbasket. BUT–I have Scrivener, and I don’t care. :laughing:


not only are y a bad mother!.. yr a feckless citizen! Shame on y, :open_mouth: y floozie

Thank ye, darlin. Now where’s my nightly martini???

Don’t know what you people are complaining about. To judge from the pictures, your new Mayor of London is considerably more intelligent, rational, and well-organized than Tex Lameduck.

Hey now… Them ‘s fightin’ words!! Are you sure you want to anger the Londonians with that comparison?

Here is the real news from the UK.

telegraph.co.uk/news/newstop … rning.html

Mayoral elections…Mmmmm!

…try some [i]shine[/i] for a change :smiling_imp: yeeahh!! Mama!!

When you consider how easily Russia moved on from Mikhail Gorbachev and his benign intentions for his country and its people, to the political cesspit that is todays Russia under Vladimir Putins influence and leadership; the worst care scenario alluded to in the Telegraphs article, is an all so scarily, realisable possibility. Russias cyber-attack on Estonia in May 07, is a good indication of just how vulnerable we all are.

In a toss-up between the above, :open_mouth:…and Boris…I`ll choose Boris…as the lesser of two evils.

Take care

Forrgett all of zis, Tomania has the chancellor wizz ze biggest knockers of ze whole world! Ja.