I am freaking out over lost words

Last night I opened an old file using Scrivener 3. It said I needed to update it, so I did. Well, when it finished, it showed me my file. The chapter headers are there, but the ten thousand words? All gone. Please tell me there’s a way to find these, because if I lose that many words, I’m going to cry.

Before converting a File to Scrivener 3, Scrivener creates a copy of your Scrivener 2 file in the same directory. Try opening this with Scrivener 2. In case you’ve deleted Scrivener 2 already, you can download it from the L&L website. Nothing will be lost.

Also, right click on the Scrivener 3 file and choose »show contents« to see if your text files are still there. It’s very likely everything is there, maybe your texts are only not / differently displayed in Scriv 3. Good luck!

Edit: I’ve just seen your platform is »windows«, whereas you posted you question in the Mac section. My experience is from Mac only.

My original was Windows. I upgraded to a Mac a few years ago.

The file format was basically the same for Mac Scrivener 2 and the later versions of Windows Scrivener, but how old was the project you converted?

A few months. I’d been working on a different book, but someone asked a question about the file, so I went to open it.

What does your binder look like? You say the chapter headers are there. Are you refering to so-named folders in the binder or something else? Are there any text docs showing inside those folders in the binder when you twiddle the folders open? And when you click on those text docs they show blank in the editor?

Any chance this is one of those cases where your text has been entered directly into the body text area of folders (rather than into the body text of contained text documents)?

Just fetching around here.

I see nothing in any of the binders/folders. When it was initially created, the words were in the subfolders. And doing a check, it shows everything at zero words.

Hi Will,

please try the following: locate the .scriv file in the Finder, right click on it, choose »show package contents«, look at the list of .rtf files you find there and check if your text files are there. Any luck?

One factor in this is that you were storing your active project on Google Drive. I think the only cloud sync service recommended by Lit&Lat for Scrivener projects is Dropbox, because many such services cannot deal well with syncing packages – which is what scriv project files are. I am not sure what the actual assessments are of Google Drive in this regard (how bad it is on this score) – searching the forums should turn up some info on this though.