I am new blind user of Scrivener and i have some questions

Hi folks, i cannot find good answers to my some questions and suggestions. I wrote to developer, but, i can ask here, may be someone solved it before :smiley:
I am totally blind, using IOS 10 on iPhone and i have some questions and accessibility issues, it may be interested in for more users.

BTW: Your app for Windows is totally unaccessible, its big big problem for us.

  1. Please give me list of keyboard shortcuts in editor, i know that cmd+B is bold, cmd+I is italics, etc., but i cannot find wway to start and stop bulleted list or numberred list.

  2. Why in compilled output are not nodes as headings? In many purposes that is mandatory to create accessible document, and one of accessibility principle is structure document by headings structured. Yes, you have bigger font and it looks as headings and subheading if it is black-printed, but technically it is no headings. It may be great for transparent and format-complaining structuring of text.

  3. You have unlabelled and undescribed some elements, for example elements in binder after nodes title. Please fix it

  4. In voiceover, it reads some unwanted numbers after document name in binder lists, - line of many many numbers are spoken, no levels spoken, and color and status are spoken only after that unwanted numbers. Please look at it and fix - it may be problem with announcing some element (for example your way of announcing level).

  5. Can you add HTML (structured by headings) as output format?

  6. You wrote that it is possible to convert text to markdown syntax, but i cannot find it. Please, how it works?

Your app is fine, and after fixing some issues it can be first-one solution for blind writers.

Greetings from Prague