I am now a "dissertation-free" zone!

Okay, so it’s not likely to be published, but I just completed the final (I hope) version of my dissertation and just now sent it off to my readers. If all goes well, I’ll defend it within a month and a half and be done with it! Off to bed with me, since it’s almost midnight my time and I’ve been at it solid for three days. I do believe if I spent one more minute on the thing my head would have exploded. Not pretty.


That is an achievement, just to be finished. Then you will defend and be Dr. Alex?

What’s the title of the dissertation and academic field, if we may know?

Congratulations again!


Thanks, B1225! My field is philosophy and the title is ‘the phenomenology of evil: excessivity, intention, and malignancy in human action.’ It took just a little light reading. :slight_smile:

And yes, I still have to defend it to be officially ‘Dr. Alex.’ :slight_smile: Hopefully by the end of April.

Many thanks again,


Congratulations, Alexandria! Hmm, my PhD (medieval literature) went on hold a few years back and I am still in hiding from the University of London, so I have a lot of respect for those who finish. :slight_smile:
Well done!

Well done, Alexandria! I’m both amazed and impressed that you were able
to complete your dissertation while at the same time being so helpful and
generous to many of us in this forum.

Although your academic explorations focus on the phenomenology of evil,
I’d suggest your personal thesis might be more aptly titled ‘Compassion:
intention and action’.

Thank you,


Keith, I can’t tell you how many times I almost quit this thing. I really do understand why some don’t finish. Especially with a family to tend to (which I don’t have save my husband and my dog). It can be pretty brutal.

Tim, thanks so much. That’s very sweet. In fact, the real thrust of my dissertation, where it ends up going, has a lot to do with compassion, at least as much as it could writing about philosophy in a rigorous academic setting!

And yes, I do love this forum and the people on it. What a great group! :slight_smile:


I hope you prepare the defense well :laughing: :smiling_imp: :bulb: ( We like these little guys, don’t we?)
All the best,

Thanks Maria! :slight_smile: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :open_mouth: :question: :exclamation: :unamused: :laughing:

Congratulations! (I’m even more impressed with all the posting you do around here.)


You don’t know me as I have only begun posting here but I would be very interested in reading some of your dissertation. I do not hold a PhD or an MA or MSc or even for that matter an undergraduate degree, but I have applied to enter a Master of Liberal Studies program at Simon Fraser University in downtown Vancouver. The program is designed for working adults, and is taken part time, although there is still a heck of a lot of reading expected. And it will mean I must finish the current draft of my novel by mid summer if I am accepted into the program, which, I was told, will take, each year, one or two like me who do not have the academic prerequisites but are nonetheless capable of writing to the level expected of a graduate student. I trust I write better than that. As for evil, of which there is no shortage, I have been reading the Divine Comedy this winter, and finally Dante, Virgil and I have begun climbing Purgatory, just as spring comes to Vancouver and the cherry trees blossom pink and white and the daffodils and crocuses awaken.

Hi Fingers,

Yes, I’ve seen you around the forum. I have followed the thread you posted and the responses under “what one of the guys at work said.” Makes me proud to be (1) a writer (yes, I do call myself that) and (2) a member of this forum. Writers are a lively, intelligent, and compassionate lot!

As for the dissertation, I’ll be happy to share once it has been through the entire reading process. It’s not very Dante-esque (though I love Dante and did a lot of work on the Inferno primarily in college). Much more post-modern in tone.

Is that Vancouver, Washington? You have probably already seen that there are quite a few Portlanders on this forum, including myself. So I was curious! We too are seeing the cherry trees and dogwoods bloom, as well as tulips and many other lovely growing things. Portland is so lovely this time of year, but I promise I won’t digress into how wonderful Portland is…again!


Yes Keith, Dr. Alex is spot on. You have to think like one of those doll thingys that keep jumping up every time you knock them down. I gave up my PhD every day for years but I didn’t have Scrivener to develop (a reasonable excuse) so I just went ahead and got it. Most successful PhDs I know did the same. It’s a sort of badge of honour we all share when we ask the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. The answer is not 42. That’s the answer to another question altogether. The real question for PhD’s is, Is it of any use whatever, and why didn’t you give it up while you could?

The Answer: I’ll get back to you in a couple of million years. I’ll be at the corner table, reading a book and sipping a latte, thinking. Where? The Restaurant at the end of the Universe where all the PhD’s wind up. It’s a sort of Torus of ideas winding back on itself in the past and in the future and it calls itself Philosophy.

Dr. Alexandria Wein, welcome to the small band of merry chaps and chapesses with a Phudd.

I am beaming for you. :smiley:

Hahaha. I am chuckling away right now. Very fun post, LL. And thank you for the welcome!! You are so right about the questions. Especially, is it of any use? I had to ask myself that time and again, especially since I’m not looking for a career in academics! As for the second question, I have no idea, but I do know I just couldn’t let it go. Must be the bulldog in me! :slight_smile:


Loved your description of philosophy!!!

Vancouver BC. I was unaware there was another Vancouver.

Just kidding, just kidding! I’ve been there, and to Portland, where I spent too many hours and too much money inside Powell’s.

In THIS Vancouver we had the rainiest, windiest winter ever. Thousands of trees blown over in one night in Stanley Park, a huge mess, although it did open up some views. Now they have to decide if they’ll leave the fallen trees, once they’ve cleared trails, as natural fertilizer and nurse logs, or remove some, as they will contribute to the fire hazard when the park dries in the summer. It would be interesting, though, to have a forest fire in the middle of the city!

Since this is a forum about writing and not trees, although you can’t have one without the other, I would like to mention three good uses of Canadian timber: Geist magazine; SubTerrain (both out of Vancouver); and Maisonneuve from Montreal, in English. Each published an eclectic mix of non fiction and fiction, photography, poetry, and other stuff. (I tried to put URL links here but without success).


I came across an interesting piece of trivia regarding Vancouver, Washington. As you may know, the Russian pilot Valery Chkalov was the first person to cross the North Pole from one continent, and land in another; he landed in Vancouver. There is even a road named after him that crosses Mill Plain. So, while hardly anyone in North America has heard of Vancouver (everyone thinks of B.C.), in Russia, Vancouver is a fairly well known place because it is the landing spot of one of their national heroes. :slight_smile:

Cool Vancouver trivia! I didn’t know Vancouver WA was famous in Russia!

I thought you might mean Vancouver, B.C., Fingers. Seems like wild weather is to be had in all parts of the world, these days. I don’t think the weather will be getting any milder from here on in. But that’s another subject entirely!

Thanks for the links!


OK, so I’m sitting here doing the NYTimes xword when I should be writing,
and I could get back to doing what I should be doing if one of you kind
Portlanders could give me a four letter Portland college (it’s 117 down for
those who might be interested).

Procrastinating Tim

Try OHSU, Oregon Health & Science University.

Thanks, Amber. Turns out to be Reed. I shoulda known. I went to Oberlin,
and we always thought of Reed as a soulmate.

Thanks, noW I can get back to work. :imp:


Ah, Reed! I went to a nice little “IDM” concert out there once; and a cup of gunpowder in an adjoining tea cafe. They showed the most Disturbing films; stranger than anything I had ever seen, and to this day have yet to exceed.