I am using Leopard with Scrivener

I am running the Leopard beta.

I am using Scrivener to write a book on Leopard.

Are there any major gotchas I should be worried about?

I haven’t come across any major bumps in two months of work.


I cannot really talk about any issues with Leopard because, as you know, Leopard is under NDA, which, like me, you must have signed to be using it. :slight_smile: All I can say is that the next beta, 1.02, is fully Leopard-compatible, whereas there are a couple of minor issues between 1.01 and the the latest Leopard seed.

P.S. Moving this to technical support, where it belongs.

Buying Lepord tomorrow…



I have one.
Since I upgraded to Leopard it’s impossible to see highlit objects in Outliner. Whenever I highlight something, the text turns white. I haven’t figured out a way to make it turn back to black.

This is fixed for 1.1, which is refined for Leopard, and which should be out later tonight, provided the fireworks don’t go on too long (it’s bonfire night here in the UK).