I bought a fairly new iPad and have questions about being able to read text clearly before buying Scrivener for iPad

Since I can’t get a free trial of Scrivener for an iPad I am worried that the text on an iPad 71/2 X 6 inches in horizontal mode will be too small to read. Can Scrivener for iPad increase text size, like it does in my iMac?

Also, I am having trouble opening zip files on the iPad. For right now I am just using Pages to see text size for reading. But need to open .zip files on Dropbox. It this works I will go ahead and buy Scrivener for the iPad.

I’ve used Scrivener on an iPad mini without issues.

As far as opening ZIP files, if you log on to DropBox through a browser on iPad and select a Zip file, on the left towards the top should be an option to Extract All (Same on a computer via browser)

A quick look, I didn’t see that option in the App.

I use and iPad Mini 2 and an iPhone. Both are fine. You can use the pinch gesture to make the text larger or smaller, without losing sight of any text.

Scrivener cannot open ZIP files on any platform.

If you use Dropbox to share projects between devices, it doesn’t need to. The Dropbox software uploads/downloads the project’s component files as needed, so you don’t need to ship ZIP files around. See this article for information on configuring synchronization:

Thanks very much! I went into preferences and changed the backup setting to stop .zip. Later I will see I can now open an rtf file into Scrivener from Dropbox…both right on my iPad.

My comment was on opening zip files on Dropbox in general. OP didn’t specify trying to do so with Scrivener, and because you can’t, didn’t even consider why you’d even try. :grin:

Please see the article I linked above about setting up synchronization. In most cases, you do not want to send your backups to iOS Scrivener, you want iOS Scrivener to share the current project with your other devices. Confusion about this point is a major source of frustration and misplaced work.

@RuffPub, you’d be amazed what people will try. Well, probably you wouldn’t, but still.