I broke Block Quote and I can't get it back!

When I select Block Quote, it no longer indents–it just moves the paragraph down a pixel or two. It shows up as having the Block Quote style. I don’t know how I broke it or how to reset it.

Currently I can go to an existing “good” Block Quote, copy the paragraph style, and paste the paragraph style into another paragraph. I’ve tried redefining Block Quote from a “good” Block Quote paragraph, but that doesn’t seem to do anything.


Have you attempted to remove the style from the paragraphs that aren’t responding to style change, and then apply it again? Here’s how styles work: they apply their formatting to text, but you can always come along and change how that text looks. Once you do that, the software considers your choice in that matter to be more important than the style’s definition of the formatting.

So if you have redefined the block quote back to what you want it to look like, it’s probably fine, but those existing paragraphs with custom formatting need to be “reset”.

You could go through and reset each one by hand, but a good trick to know about is that the Documents ▸ Convert ▸ Text to Default Formatting command will also remove most custom formatting from styled text and reset them to how the style wants them to look.

If you’re nervous about doing that, simply take a quick Snapshot of one of the sections you want to fix (⌘5), and then run the command. If it does too much for what you want, then you can just roll back the text to the snapshot in the respective inspector pane, and then go about fixing things by hand.

TLDR: Fixed, thanks.

Yes, I’ve removed styles and applied them again.

I’ve now tried your suggestion: Documents ▸ Convert ▸ Text to Default Formatting. That also didn’t work, but it’s good to know about.

The problem, whatever it was, seems to have been specific to that section. Block Quote works correctly in at least some other sections; it would not work elsewhere in that section. Because it worked in other sections, I copied the text to a text editor, deleted the section, created a new section, pasted the text in, and re-did all the formatting. This worked.

I’m sure it would have been easier to simply reformat that one paragraph, but this way I’m more comfortable that it will look like other Block Quote paragraphs when compiled.

I wish I had a better view “under the hood,” but all’s well for now. Thanks very much for your prompt assistance.

Dave Matuszek

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